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AADCP II supports ASEAN to promote infrastructure development and connectivity

Senior officials and representatives from ASEAN Member States involved in infrastructure and connectivity matters discussed the project on Establishing the Initial Rolling Priority Pipeline of Potential ASEAN Infrastructure Projects at an inception workshop on 18 -19 April in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The workshop is part of continuous efforts to promote infrastructure development and attract more investments in the region through the development of a pipeline list of ASEAN infrastructure projects in a transparent and professional way that would support greater connectivity among the member states, the broader region and beyond.

During the two-day workshop, the participants exchanged views on the objectives and methodology that would be used to develop the initial pipeline and provide inputs to the approach, as well as consider potential ASEAN infrastructure projects for inclusion in the pipeline. Country and sector breakout sessions were also held to provide an opportunity for more in-depth discussions.

The workshop was attended by 106 representatives from ASEAN Connectivity Coordinating Committee (ACCC) and Lead Implementing Body for Sustainable Infrastructure (LIB-SI), ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies Meeting (AFCDM), Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM), Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME), and Telecommunications and Information Technology Senior Officials Meeting (TELSOM), as well as the Secretary-General of ASEAN and the Ambassador of Australia to ASEAN.

The project is funded by ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Programme Phase II financed by the Government of Australia and implemented by the ACCC and LIB-SI with the technical advisory services from the World Bank.

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