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Accelerating the Implementation of the ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Strategy

Status: Ongoing.

The ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Strategy (ASUS) was launched at the 22nd ASEAN Coordinating Council (ACC) Meeting on 13 November 2018. Since then, ASUS and its accompanying toolkits have been disseminated to city networks in ASEAN.

This project will select a number of interested ASEAN cities based on an objective set of criteria, and provide support to these participating cities to undertake the necessary preparations for implementation of a relevant ASUS action plan. While its main objective is to promote implementation, the support also aims to collect, document and disseminate lessons learned from the preparation process to encourage other cities to adopt ASUS into their urban development plans. The project will also help increase knowledge on the state of urbanisation in the region. This project is being implemented by UN-Habitat.

More info on ASUS is available at the ASEAN Connectivity website.

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