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AEC Integration Monitoring & Evaluation Capacity Building Program – Phase 1

Status: Completed

This project supports the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation capacity in the Secretariat and in Member States for achieving the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) goals. As ASEAN nears the setting up of the AEC in 2015, regular monitoring and evaluation of progress is important. This project helps ASEAN carry out some important data collection, key monitoring and analytical studies, and in parallel build capacity among ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) and the ASEAN Member States. The project produces an ASEAN Trade Integration and Facilitation Monitoring and Assessment Report, develops a database and indicators of actual trade services, regulations and restrictions in ASEAN priority services sectors and produces an ASEAN Services Integration Report. The project includes a series of capacity building activities for ASEC and ASEAN Member State officials.

This project was completed in the last quarter of 2015.


ASEAN Services Integration Report (ASIR) – 2015

ASEAN Integration Monitoring Report (2013)







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