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ASEAN at 50, a Historic Milestone for FDI and MNEs in ASEAN

Status: Completed.

This project produces the “ASEAN at 50, a Historic Milestone for FDIs and MNEs in ASEAN” publication, which was launched as part of the 50th year anniversary of ASEAN. The publication examines and documents the region’s achievements in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)/ Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) in the furtherance of economic development over the course of the last 50 years. With an extensive use of tables, charts, boxes/cases and infographics, it charts the evolution in the scale, scope and characteristics of FDI across ASEAN, thereby supporting the transformation of the region and its constituent Member States. ASEAN has grown from one among many developing regions seeking the attention of international investors to a region of choice for many MNEs. It is the only developing region with a significant and diverse level of regional integration and value chains, in large part led by MNEs, both foreign and increasingly from ASEAN. The publication will evaluate what has been achieved, explain how challenges have been addressed, and offer an analysis of FDI and MNE development in the context of past policies and AEC 2015 and 2025.

The publication highlights how MNE strategies have evolved in the region over the years, including the symbiotic evolution of regional policy development and corporate strategies. Aspects covered includes the drivers, motivations and determinants of FDI in the region; key players among MNEs in the processes leading to stronger regional integration; regional production networks in the context of Global Value Chains and Regional Value Chains; and the overall impact of FDI and regional production networks on growth and development.

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ASEAN at 50: a Historic Milestone for FDI and MNEs in ASEAN

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