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ASEAN Capacity Building Roadmap for Consumer Protection 2020-2025 (Roadmap 2025)

This Roadmap aims to strengthen consumer protection regimes in the ASEAN Member States and support the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP) in promoting awareness and garnering support for ASEAN’s consumer protection capacity development agenda. It serves as an action plan for capacity building at the regional level, sub-regional and national levels, which, if implemented, will provide ASEAN consumers with world-class levels of consumer policy, institutions and laws. The Roadmap 2025 which comprised of among others a regional roadmap, a regional brief, a policy brief, and 10 country reports, was developed through extensive research, field work and surveys of capacity building needs.

The Roadmap 2025 includes a schedule of proposed capacity building measures which is based on a study of common areas of needs identified among ASEAN consumer protection authorities. The Roadmap further outlines the delivery approach to capacity building, and provides a timeframe for implementation. The implementation level (regional or sub-regional) is described for each activity to ensure effective and efficient management and delivery of capacity building plans and programs.

The successful implementation of the initiatives under the Roadmap 2025, will require coordinated approach amongst ASEAN’s consumer protection authorities, consumer protection associations, development partners and other relevant stakeholders.


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