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ASEAN GAHP Animal Welfare and Environment Sustainability Module Development


With the growing awareness on food safety and quality, the establishment of Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) is very crucial as one approaches in ensuring the production of quality meat and meat products. Food safety should be addressed throughout the food chain from farm to table, that covers the stage from production, processing, storage and distribution. The ASEAN Member States has agreed for the establishment of the ASEAN Good Animal Husbandry Practices (ASEAN-GAHP), focusing on Broiler and Layer. Contemplating the diversity of capability and capacity of AMS, the ASEAN GAHP is developed based on the minimum requirements and commonalities of existing national GAHP in ASEAN, with emphasis on food safety, taking into consideration of basic elements/principles such as biosecurity, animal health and welfare, environmental sustainability, workers’ safety etc.

Under the 1st year Project, the 35th ASEAN Ministers for Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) Meeting in 2014 endorsed the ASEAN-GAHP. With the endorsement of the AMAF, this ASEAN-GAHP will facilitate trade; improve the viability of farmers, and to sustain safe food supply as well as to address the environmental sustainability in the region.

With the conclusion of the Project Year 1, and following to the decision of the 2nd Meeting of the ASEAN GAHP Project, held on 9-10 October 2013 in Bogor, Indonesia, the remaining years (Year 2 and 3) of the Project would involve the implementation of the activities, both at the regional and national levels which were identified as priority areas in the Strategic Plan. The Regional activities are in support of the harmonisation process and working towards benchmarking of the member states GAHP standard with the ASEAN GAHP while those member States that without national GAHP should adopt the ASEAN GAHP. With this objective, it is hoped that the ASEAN GAHP is recognised as the regional trading standard in livestock for enhancing the competitiveness of livestock production in ASEAN Member States. The 2nd Meeting of the ASEAN GAHP Project further agreed to develop other Environmental Sustainability and animal welfare modules as well as the certification and accreditation of the guidelines as the next steps.

Needs and Objectives

This project supports implementation of the GAHP Standard at regional and national level.


The outputs of this project are the GAHP Animal Welfare Module and GAHP Environmental Sustainability Module

Closing Date

30 June 2015, 5:00pm Jakarta time


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