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ASEAN Good Aquaculture Practices for Food Fish – Trainers’ Guide

To harmonise existing GAqP guidelines and standards of ASEAN Member States (AMS), the ASEAN Guidelines on Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) for Food Fish was developed in 2015, which addressed four areas affecting production, namely: a) Food safety; b) Animal health and welfare; c) Environmental integrity; and d) Socio-economic responsibility

These ASEAN GAqP Guidelines address distinct issues on ensuring safety and quality of food fish during on-farm and post-production processes, enhancing environmental integrity of aqua farm operations, and contributing to socioeconomic sustainability. The guidelines cover all types of aquaculture (inland and marine) that produce fish for human consumption, including both hatcheries and grow-out farms.
In order to operationalise the ASEAN GAqP Guidelines at both national and regional levels, promoting better understanding by capacitating AMS towards effective implementation of these guidelines, is crucial.

This ASEAN Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) for Food Fish: Trainers’ Guide is intended to support AMS in delivering effective Training of Trainers (ToT) programs for aquaculture extension workers and trainers that will further contribute to better understanding and utilisation of ASEAN GAqP. To complement this Trainers’ Guide, a set of PowerPoint presentations is available covering the introduction, 12 teaching modules and a module on teaching methods for trainers to be used during the training course.

Relevant project: Establishment of ASEAN Good Aquaculture Practices (ASEAN GAqP)

Date published: December 2020.

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