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ASEAN Investment Report 2013-2014

Establishing a single market and production base under the AEC Blueprint requires freer and enhanced flow of investment. ASEAN Member States (AMS) have undertaken specific measures to enhance FDI inflows both at the national and regional levels, particularly liberalisation and facilitation measures. Timely publication of information and analyses of investment flows and trends, current policies and programmes and important issues that affect investment will support potential investors’ decision-making process. Thus relevant government agencies in the ASEAN Member States and ASEAN sectoral bodies, as well as the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), have used various media to convey relevant information to foreign investors, including the ASEAN Investment Report (AIR) and the recently launched Invest in ASEAN website.

Following publication of the “ASEAN Investment Report 2012: The Changing FDI Landscape” in July 2013, which was prepared with technical assistance from UNCTAD’s Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE) and funding support from AADCP II, a similar technical assistance agreement between ASEC’s ASEAN Integration Monitoring Office (AIMO) and UNCTAD-DIAE has been developed, to produce the ASEAN Investment Report 2013.

The report will provide relevant information and analysis on FDI flows in ASEAN over the period 2012-2013 and promote understanding of investment policies, initiatives, performance and prospects in an effort to enhance FDI inflows to ASEAN.

This project is completed. Download the report here: ASEAN Investment Report 2013-2014: FDI Development and Regional Value Chains






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