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ASEAN Regulatory Reform Agenda

Status : Closed.

Regulations are a fundamental tool of government and an integral part of a well-functioning economy. Reform in regulations may be necessary in order to reduce business costs, enhance competition and innovation, and improve productivity. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach and close cooperation between and among all levels (sub-regional and national) of stakeholder groups.

A significant aspect of the broader ASEAN vision is to ensure that the gains from development and economic integration are equitably shared by all AMS. Implementation of regulatory reforms in ASEAN may be relevant insofar as they contribute to the attainment of some of the goals under the AEC Blueprint, such as an improved business environment, stronger flow of investments and higher growth, and a more competitive ASEAN region. Regulatory reforms that could contribute to improvements in relevant sectors and industries would lead to job creation and enhancement in the quality of life particularly in less developed areas.

This project will contribute to the enhancement of knowledge and understanding by AMS of new and emerging concerns and issues on regulatory reform. This project will give an overview of policy options through the synthesis of country experiences and lessons learned on regulatory reform programmes. As such, it will enhance the ability of AMS in: (a) identifying the key challenges of regulatory reform; (b) evaluating effective strategies used in regulatory reform; (c) prioritising and sequencing of steps in the regulatory reform process; and (d) addressing the need to develop a more comprehensive and cohesive regulatory reform programme for specific sectors and industries in AMS.

The first ASEAN Regulatory Reform Symposium had been held at Makati City, Philippines on 23 July 2012. Summary of proceedings and recommendations can be downloaded here.







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