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Assessment of the post-harvest losses and post-harvest loss reduction technologies and practices for a seasonal fruit with high export value and/or export potential in CLMV countries

Status: Ongoing.

Post-harvest losses in Southeast Asia remain a persistent problem, and are very high in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam (CLMV countries). Reducing post-harvest losses in fruits in CLMV countries is particularly important as CLMV countries export a large proportion of their seasonal fruits. Access to post-harvest reduction technologies and/or practices would directly benefit farmers and help to improve the total volume and value of exports. CLMV countries would benefit from a project which examines current post-harvest loses in a seasonal fruit of common importance and identifies hands-on training on low cost technologies/ practices to reduce losses.

This project will assess post-harvest losses along the value chain and identify the capacity building and technical assistance requirements of CLMV countries to implement low cost and easy-to-use technologies and/or practices to reduce post-harvest losses in the selected seasonal fruit (i.e. mango, lychee, and dragonfruit) with high export value and/or export potential in CLMV countries.

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