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Consumer Protection Digests and Case Studies – a Policy Guide Volume 1 (2014)

This Policy Guide is part of a broader project entitled, Supporting Research and Dialogue in Consumer Protection that aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of new and emerging consumer protection concerns and to make possible better policy directions through the synthesis of experiences and lessons learned. It is an essential part of a wider institutional capacity development for consumer protection and is a multi-dimensional challenge involving a full range of stakeholders, sectors and issues.

Drawing on the expertise of consumer protection experts and academics, Consumer Protection Digests and Case Studies: A Policy Guide – Volume 1 presents 12 Policy Digests and two Case Studies that explore key consumer protection issues in the ASEAN context. The Policy Digests cover key issues relevant to consumer protection such as consumer credit and debt, product safety regulation, online purchasing, telecommunication services, unfair sales practices, product liability, responding to complaints about misleading information and practice with low-cost airlines, fraud in price discounting, statutory guarantees of quality in the supply of goods and services, and money transfer fraud. The Policy Digests also explore the interface between competition and consumer protection policies, as well as a specific focus on professional services markets. The Case Studies provide in-depth investigations into online consumer market and the regulation of unfair contract terms in ASEAN.

These digests and case studies are intended to assist in the development and strengthening of consumer protection systems by highlighting and sharing information on key issues on emerging concerns. It is expected that these will contribute to raising awareness and stimulating dialogue among the business community, professional associations, and appropriate academic and non-government organisations to better promote consumer protection in the ASEAN region.

Policy Guide Vol. 1

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