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Corporate Development Scoping Study

The entry into force of the ASEAN Charter in 2008 has had a significant effect on the roles and operations of ASEC. As the 2015 target date for the achievement of the ASEAN Community approaches, the number and range of activities to be undertaken will increase and intensify. This in turn will place increased demands on the nature of ASEC’s support.

This Project is aimed to:

  1. Assess the current organisational climate at ASEC and its managerial systems;
  2. critically analyse ASEC needs and the present ability of the ASEC structure and systems to meet them;
  3. identify and prioritise particular problematic areas;
  4. develop an overall strategy for organisational development at ASEC;
  5. propose specific activities to meet the organisational development needs of ASEC; and
  6. propose a multi-year work plan and indicative budget for organisational development activities to be supported by AADCP II and other dialogue partners.

This project has been completed in January 2012. AADCP II is currently working with ASEC to identify opportunities to support agreed recommendations.

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