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Developing the ASEAN Post-2015 Consumer Protection Action Plan: Meeting the Challenges of a People-Centered ASEAN Beyond 2015

Status: completed.

Consumer protection in the ASEAN region is important for the smooth functioning of an integrated market. Consumer protection is seen to benefit consumers by ensuring that they have the right of access to adequate information to enable them to make informed choices about the products and services that they procure; there are adequate mechanisms in place that promote product safety; and effective complaint and redress mechanisms in cases of complaints. Meeting these needs could be facilitated by effective and operational consumer protection laws and mechanisms.

The focus of the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection’s (ACCP) work during the period 2011-2015 has been on ensuring that consumer legislation in ASEAN Member States (AMS) is in place; enhancing consumer access to information by developing a notification and information exchange mechanism for recalled/banned products; developing models for cross border consumer redress mechanism; strengthening the capacity of consumer protection officials and enhancing advocacy of consumer protection. However, as AEC 2015 approaches, there is a need to undertake a study to assess the current progress of the action plans in terms of advancing the focus areas and draw up a new Strategic ASEAN Action Plan on Consumer Protection (SAAPCP) covering the period 2016-2025 (following a decision of the High-Level Task Force on Economic Integration). ASEAN is working on a post-2015 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) vision that envisages a 10-year framework (AEC 2025) that promotes an integrated and highly cohesive economy that is competitive, innovative and dynamic.

This project produced an assessment report providing a view of the ASEAN economic landscape in the next ten years, including consumer trends, spending patterns that would have an impact on ASEAN’s consumer protection work plan. It also developed the ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for Consumer Protection: Meeting the Challenges of a People-Centered ASEAN Beyond 2015 (ASAPCP 2025) containing a ten-year strategic action plan with specific initiatives and targets premised upon global and regional developments in consumer protection and related issues, accompanied by a five-year detailed implementation plan for 2016-2020 with specific activities and milestones for each year.

The project was completed in 2015. To access the final ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for Consumer Protection: Meeting the Challenges of a People-Centered ASEAN Beyond 2015 (ASAPCP 2025), please contact the Competition, Consumer Protection and Intellectual Property Rights Division of ASEAN Secretariat.

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