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Development of the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP) Work Plan 2017-2020

Status : Completed.

The ASEAN Tourism Ministers (ATM) signed the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP) on 9 November 2012 aiming at facilitating the mobility of tourism professionals within the region. In 2010, the ATM endorsed the MRA-TP Follow-up Implementation Requirements 2010-2015 covering the plan to establish MRA infrastructure and capacity development for members of related organisations under MRA-TP at the regional and national level. Several projects and activities were carried out under this Plan, including, among others, establishment of 242 toolboxes for all divisions under MRA-TP, establishment of pool master trainers and master assessors, the conclusion of Regional Secretariat of MRA-TP agreement, and finalization of the ASEAN Tourism Professionals Registration System (ATPRS).

With most of the necessary regional infrastructure is in place, implementation of MRA-TP is now facing new challenges in operationalizing the instrument. Supporting Regional Secretariat of MRA-TP, maintaining and updating regional infrastructure, increasing the “buy-in” of MRA-TP, enhancing quality assurance of MRA-TP and recognition of prior learning mechanism are among those challenges faced at the regional level. While, at national level, challenges are also faced particularly on national regulations, establishment of national trainers and assessors, and certification mechanisms. There is a need to assess the progress of implementation to date and systematically identify these challenges, identify risks and opportunities, and develop a well-informed, results-oriented work plan that will guide the ASEAN Tourism Professional Monitoring Committee (ATPMC) in taking strategic actions to promote implementation of the MRA-TP.

This project had two outputs: a) the ASEAN MRA-TP implementation review, which assessed current progress in the implementation of the MRA-TP, tested assumptions, captured relevant context, identified risks (magnitude and impact) and opportunities for achieving success, and proposed resolutions to address identified risks, blockages and barriers; and b) draft ASEAN MRA-TP Work Plan 2017-2020, which specified strategic actions, recommends the best approach in implementing those actions, and provides a mechanism for monitoring progress and make decisions throughout the Work Plan implementation.

The project was concluded in 2018.

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