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Roadmap to Enhance Mobility of ASEAN Professionals on Surveying Services

This road map supports implementation of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) for Surveying. While the MRA has not been implemented,  there is currently no limitation on the free movement of surveying professionals engaged in specific projects requiring engineering surveys, GIS and related activities, mapping, geodetic surveying and hydrographic surveying. However, without the MRA being implemented a surveyor from one ASEAN country could face difficulties in practicing surveying in another ASEAN country. The one area where mobility is limited and MRA implementation difficult is in cadastral surveying related to land administration, property and land development.

The core goal to implement an MRA can only be achieved by enhancement of a sustainable surveying profession across all ASEAN member states that underpins country specific, regional and global progress and development.

This road map recognizes that a long term vision for mobility and mutual recognition agreements for professional ASEAN surveyors requires appropriate education, professional competencies and institutions. If these needs across AMS can be better understood, documented and enhanced then MRAs and mobility of surveyors will be enhanced.

This road map contains detailed activities and outcomes to better understand, document and enhance the education, professional competencies and institutions to ensure a robust and strong surveying profession that will meet the needs of all ASEAN member states for surveying services into the future

Download the roadmap here.

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