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Development of a Coordinating Committee on Investment Work Programme

The Coordinating Committee on Investment (CCI) is the main ASEAN sectoral body responsible for coordinating activities designed to meet AEC Blueprint goals with respect to enhancing investment. They meet frequently to review activities underway both regionally and within ASEAN Member States and to develop overall policies and approaches for future activities. The CCI functions well as a mechanism for coordinating inputs and implementing the various investment actions under the AEC Blueprint. While it has been driven in the past by the steps listed in the AEC Blueprint, it is recognised that the AEC Blueprint activities are not exhaustive nor of sufficient detail for a comprehensive work program to guide activities in a coordinated and sequenced manner.

This short-term project-two weeks of inputs by an experienced professional-resulted in the creation of a multi-year work program for the CCI. Following review of existing materials and discussions with relevant officials, the consultant presented an outline of the work at the 51st CCI meeting in November 2010. Incorporating feedback from the meeting, the work program framework was further developed and structured around seven “pillars” of types of efforts. A range of “actionable activities” were identified and sequenced. The draft CCI work program, entitled “ASEAN Strategic Investment Plan 2011-2015”, was presented at the 52nd CCI meeting in February 2011 and has been approved to be further utilised as a reference document in developing the Investment Implementation Plan 2011-2015.








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