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Development of ASEAN Connectivity Digital Content

Status: Completed.

Effective outreach and communications strategies to ASEAN stakeholders are essential to translate ASEAN’s visions and initiatives of Connectivity into actions and benefits to ASEAN peoples.

As online communities increase in size, number, and character, it is crucial for ASEAN to recognise the growing importance of these new communications channels. Understanding how and why these channels work allows ASEAN to craft a coordinated, consistent response on ASEAN Connectivity that reaches the right people with the right content in the right setting. That generates an exponentially greater impact on ASEAN’s stakeholders.

However, there are limited online materials related to ASEAN Connectivity that are spread amongst materials for other programs and projects. Additionally, much of the content for ASEAN Connectivity is not written in an optimal way in which stakeholders will find appealing. This makes it difficult not only for users to find content and to learn about ASEAN Connectivity, but also leaves little room for ASEAN Connectivity to have influence on stakeholders.

This project developed a set of videos on the Master Plan for ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025 and ASEAN Connectivity microsite which provides various materials and information related to ASEAN Connectivity.


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