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Development of ASEAN Database on Trade Routes and Framework for Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency

Status: Ongoing.

The ASEAN economy has flourished over the past 50 years and is now more than 100 times larger since the
inception of ASEAN in 1967. In 2018, ASEAN GDP accounted for 3% of global GDP and will continue moving
in an upward trend, hinged on stronger integration and connectivity between ASEAN Member States (AMS). ASEAN needs efficient logistics services to sustain its economic growth and enhance its competitiveness, by lowering supply chain costs and improving supply chain’s speed and reliability in each AMS.

This project will identify a number of priority trade routes, and build a database of relevant information on these routes to help ASEAN Member States determine bottlenecks and identify specific priorities to enhance connectivity within these routes. It will also develop an ASEAN supply-chain framework. The framework is a necessary first step to better understand ASEAN’s supply chain performance gaps, identify opportunities as well as underlying issues and challenges, and devise a region-wide action plan to address them. The framework will also support the gathering of data on supply-chain performance and bottlenecks for specific trade routes or economic corridors as discussed above, towards an integrated approach to the development of trade routes.

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