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Development of ASEAN Tourism Professional Registration System (ATPRS)

Status: completed

The implementation of MRA on Tourism Professionals will result in the mutual recognition of tourism professionals based on certificates. In order to allow users, which may include tourism service providers, to access data of certified tourism professionals, a database facility needs to be established and maintained. The ATPRS is a web-based facility to register and disseminate details on certified ASEAN Tourism Professionals (ATPs). As a key component of MRA, ATPRS will serve as a job-matching platform between the industry and ATPs. More than 6,000 ATPs are expected to register in the first year of MRA implementation, with numbers expected to continuously increase in following years in line with the increased awareness about this arrangement.

This project supports the development of the ATPRS. It conducts a scoping study to identify the necessary components and mechanisms to be included in the system and develop the ATPRS web-based system. Once developed, the ATPRS will be managed and maintained by the Regional Secretariat of ATP that is currently being established in Indonesia.

As per July 2016, the ATPRS is online. Please click here to visit ATPRS.

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