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Development of ASEAN Work Plan to Facilitate the Implementation of ASEAN Agreement on Electronic Commerce

Status: Ongoing

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of all forms of e-commerce in ASEAN. This has increased demand for governments to put in place better policies and infrastructure for e-commerce not only to boost trade and increase consumer’s confidence but also to ensure participation of those most impacted by the coronavirus.

The ratification of the ASEAN Agreement on Electronic Commerce would give ASEAN a fresh momentum to support e-commerce businesses in the region. The effective implementation of the agreement would demonstrate ASEAN’s collective efforts in establishing a common fundamental foundation to accelerate intra-regional economic integration towards a regional digital economy.

To promote implementation of the agreement, this project will prepare a Work Plan on the Implementation of the ASEAN Agreement on Electronic Commerce 2021 – 2025. The Work Plan will focus on identifying priority areas, both technical and policy strengthening, for promoting implementation of the Agreement and ensuring development of e-commerce in the region.

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