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Development of Implementation/Action Plans to Enhance Mobility of ASEAN Professionals on Accountancy Services

Status: Completed.

Implementation of the Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) is an important measure in achieving the free flow of services and skilled labour towards the AEC in 2015. The currently agreed Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on accountancy services only provides the framework and procedures for Member States to work together to further develop bilateral or plurilateral MRAs. While the development of an ASEAN-wide MRA on accountancy services is already nearing completion, lessons learned from other MRAs indicate that further work still needs to be done on the promotion of further mobility.

The Project is expected to study and suggest way forward to transform its existing Framework Mutual Recognition and the ASEAN-wide MRA (once completed) as well as other relevant initiatives into a well-functioning mechanism to facilitate mobility of professionals. The key output of the project is a roadmap that will put thorough sequenced measures that will create an enabling environment for MRA implementation, develop infrastructure and support mechanism, and strengthen coordination and processes.

Please contact ASEAN’s Services and Investment Division for further information on the report.

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