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Development of Public Awareness Models for Consumer Protection

Status: Completed.

Consumer education can be done through both formal and non-formal mechanisms. In some countries, consumer education has been integrated into the formal school curriculum. However in most of the ASEAN Member States, consumer awareness and education programs are mainly implemented on a non-formal basis. Governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as private sector organisations whose activities have an impact on consumers should incorporate strong consumer awareness and education programs. The programs should ideally be placed within a larger national consumer education program, and overseen by government institution(s) responsible for consumer protection in the ASEAN Member State.

This project aims to provide the responsible government institution(s) with advice on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate a national consumer education program. The project will a) identify best practices, and b) develop models with clear parameters to guide the subsequent adoption of a specific model by ASEAN Member States. Adoption of a model for establishing a national strategy will be entrusted to a national agency responsible to oversee its implementation.

The project was closed in 2016. It produced a policy brief, a report on Awareness and Education Models for Consumer Protection, and Guidelines for AMS in the selection of the most appropriate models. Click here to download.

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