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Development Prospects for the ASEAN Power Sector

Status: Completed

South East Asia’s electricity consumption will increase significantly over the coming decades as forecasted by the International Energy Agency (IEA). If electricity supply continues to rely heavily on fossil fuels, this will put increasing pressure on the environment as well as national and global resources. Combined, the existing and planned policy and regulatory frameworks aim to shape the development of South East Asia’s power sectors. These frameworks should identify investment needs, attract sufficient investment sources, and also provide guidance on technologies for investment. Sound frameworks can ensure reliable electricity supply while aiming to limit environmental impacts and inefficient electricity systems in the region.

The project aimed to guidance to policy makers in response to these demands by establishing and strengthening the necessary institutions and frameworks for such electricity systems. These responses are expected to identify and deliver more timely and efficient investments, and incentivize more private investments and better technology choices as well as more efficient operational behavior.

The project was undertaken by the IEA as a research and policy advice project and include strong cooperation and interaction with the ASEAN Secretariat, HAPUA, power sector officials and private sector companies.

Download report: Development Prospects of the ASEAN Power Sector – Towards an Integrated Electricity Market.


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