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Enhancing the ASEAN Community Progress Monitoring System

This project will produce a statistical report on the state and progress of the ASEAN Community in the achievement of its key societal outcomes based on the ASEAN Community Progress Monitoring System (ACPMS). It will serve as a tool for evidence or knowledge based decision-making and policy creation in the region. The report will complement the AEC Scorecard and the program with the World Bank, and can be regularly presented to the ASEAN Leaders, policy makers and people in general. While the World Bank project is primarily focused on developing indicators for the AEC, particularly Pillars I and IV, the ACPMS is broader as it looks at indicators for the entire ASEAN Community. The ACPMS will also provide additional information for Pillars II and III of the AEC. Project implementation is led by ASEAN-Stats in consultation with the ASEAN Member States and key user groups.

This project had been completed in 2013. Publications can be downloaded here:

Brief Report

Full Report




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