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Establishing the Initial Rolling Priority Pipeline List of Potential ASEAN Infrastructure Projects and Conduct of Pre-Feasibility Studies

Status: Completed

This Project responds to the first objective under the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025 strategic area on Sustainable Infrastructure of increasing public and private infrastructure investment in each ASEAN Member State, as needed, by establishing a rolling priority pipeline list of potential ASEAN regional infrastructure projects and identifying possible sources of funding whether public, private or a combination thereof. In particular, this Project aims to i) set criteria for eligibility of projects to be included in the pipeline, ii) establish a template based on the criteria to standardize information to be provided by ASEAN Member States for projects that are proposed to be included in the pipeline, iii) carry out an assessment of the proposed projects and construct a rolling priority pipeline, iv) select up to 10 projects for which pre-feasibility studies should be developed, v) conduct the pre-feasibility studies for the selected candidate projects, and vi) present at the pre-feasibility studies and overall pipeline to investors. The Project also aims to map out the capacity building needs of each Member State that would be required to sustain the process for infrastructure prioritization and feasibility evaluation. This project is implemented through collaboration with the World Bank.

Download the project summary, published November 2018 here.

For more information, please contact ASEAN Connectivity Division of the ASEAN Secretariat.

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