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Feasibility Study for ASEAN Multilateral Power Trade

Status: Ongoing.

Electricity demand in ASEAN is projected to grow faster than any other final form of energy, accounting for 56% of growth in total energy demand until 2040. As a result, the ASEAN Member States (AMS) will collectively need to construct 350 gigawatts of additional generating capacity, more than double what exists today. This will require an estimated USD 600 billion in generation investments and USD 730 billion in transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure. These investments can best be supported through increased regional power integration and, in particular, through the enhanced implementation of a regional ASEAN Power Grid (APG) whereby excess power and reserve capacity can be beneficially shared.

This project will identify and recommend possible frameworks and schemes to facilitate multilateral electricity trading in the ASEAN Power Grid. The project will produce a comprehensive feasibility study to accelerate the realisation of the APG multilateral power trade. It is expected, among other things, to deliver not only recommendations but also operational options for APG multilateral power trade.This project is implemented in partnership with the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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