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First ASEAN Consumer Protection Annual Conference 9 December 2014

As online consumer marketplace grows at a rapid rate and offers considerable potential economic and consumer benefits, the regulation will need closer attention. Further, consumer protection faces increasing challenges with mobile money environment and the rapidly changing technology.

To address these challenges, ASEAN held its first ASEAN Consumer Protection Conference (1st ACPC) from 8-9 December in Hanoi, Viet Nam. The Conference aims to be a platform for experts and relevant stakeholders to network and exchange experiences and best practices. The Conference generated fruitful discussions and exchange of views on the development of consumer protection in ASEAN and engendered discussions on the future direction of regional consumer trends and challenges.

The 1st ACPC deliberated on a wide range of topics on current issues and challenges relating to financial transactions, consumer product safety, e-commerce and development of consumer redress mechanisms. Participants included government bodies handling consumer protection schemes, researchers, NGOs, private practitioners and business associations, and other relevant organisations involve in consumer protection enforcement. The Conference was organised under the auspices of the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection and hosted by the Vietnam Competition Authority.

Session 1: Emerging Themes in Consumer Protection in ASEAN

Session 2: Financial Transactions

Session 3: Consumer Product Safety

Session 4: E-Commerce

Session 5: Development of Consumer Redress Mechanism

Session 6: Institutionalizing Consumer Protection in Developing Countries

Session 7: Summary and Conclusions

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