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Global Recognition of Quality Assurance Systems for ASEAN Fruits and Vegetables (ASEAN GAP)

Status: Ongoing

This project takes off from two previous AADCP I initiatives which produced the ASEAN GAP Standard and the ASEAN GAP Strategic Plan. Year 1 of the project will support a scoping and needs assessment study regarding each ASEAN Member States’ situation regarding the ASEAN GAP and develop an implementation mechanism to operationalise the ASEAN GAP Strategic Plan for ensuring that all ASEAN Member States apply the ASEAN GAP standards.

Recommended activities will be developed to suit the respective countries’ state in terms of developing and implementing their national GAP programs. This will allow a “South-South” approach where ASEAN Member States that are more advanced in applying standards share experiences with those ASEAN Member States that are less developed. The project is being managed by the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards, Department of Agriculture of the Philippines with two staff seconded to the project.

In subsequent years, follow-on activities will primarily deal with the successive implementation of priority action areas and activities identified in the assessment and scoping studies undertaken in Year 1. This would potentially involve on the ground support to ASEAN Member States in the development of their national GAPs.

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