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Global Recognition of Quality Assurance Systems for ASEAN Fruits and Vegetables (ASEAN GAP)

Status: Ongoing

This project takes off from two previous AADCP I initiatives which produced the ASEAN GAP Standard and the ASEAN GAP Strategic Plan.  The ASEAN GAP Standard aims to enhance ASEAN agricultural products quality and competitiveness on the international market as well as on the ASEAN market. To help promote the adoption of ASEAN GAP amongst the ASEAN Member States (AMS) this project supported a scoping and needs assessment study regarding each ASEAN Member States’ situation regarding the ASEAN GAP and develop an implementation mechanism to operationalise the ASEAN GAP Strategic Plan for ensuring that all ASEAN Member States apply the ASEAN GAP standards. This first component of the project concluded in 2015.

The second component of this project, which took place in 2017-2018, aims to support implementation of the ASEAN GAP, by defining a common certification and accreditation systems to serve as reference for implementation and application of ASEAN GAP among stakeholders, including regulators, auditors, producers, and consumers in the region. This component produced an Official Control Manual and a Certification Manual, which can be downloaded here.

The third and final component of this project develops training program and materials for the ASEAN GAP Certification based on the Manuals. These materials may later serve as reference and basis to develop and implement customized training on ASEAN GAP certification in AMS. This activity is currently ongoing.

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