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Implementation Review of Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) Work Plan III

Status: Completed.

The IAI Work Plan III is in its third year of implementation. While implementation rate has been encouraging, it is recognised that a robust monitoring and evaluation arrangements will improve effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of the IAI Work Plan III.

This project aimes to (i) assess the progress of the implementation IAI Work Plan III against stated outputs, and overall outcomes; (ii) identify issues and challenges affecting effective and efficient delivery of outputs and their contribution to desired outcomes; (iii) strengthening implementation arrangements for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting system, (iv) strengthen national and stakeholders’ ownership; and (v) provide recommendations for improving the efficiency, effectiveness, relevance and impact of implementation of the current IAI Work Plan as well as draw initial lessons learned as crucial inputs for the formulation of the next IAI Work Plan.

Please contact the IAI/NDG Division of the ASEAN Secretariat for enquiries on the results of this project.

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