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Improving Schedulling Commitments of ASEAN Framework Agreement of Services (AFAS)

The free flow of services is one of the elements for realising the AEC’s goal of establishing a single market and production base. Services liberalisation under the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS) is undertaken through various rounds of negotiations. Liberalisation commitments are then translated into specific commitment schedules. These are not always consistent, do not always use standard terminology and sometimes lack clarity. This project will support the strengthening of these schedules to improve their readability and clarity. Improvements to the clarity of the schedules will assist foreign services suppliers in understanding the scope and market access commitments in the schedules. The project will: 1) identify key issues and problems in the AFAS schedules; 2) discuss these with ASEAN Member States; and 3) provide technical advice and develop materials to assist ASEAN Member States in reviewing and revising the structure and language of their schedules to enhance clarity and ensure their consistency with the WTO Guidelines on Scheduling.

This project has been completed in 2013





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