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Mid-Term Review of the Implementation of the IAI Work Plan II for Equitable Economic Development and Narrowing the Development Gap

Status: Completed

The IAI Work Plan II (2009 – 2015) is now in its fourth year of implementation. With 2015 approaching, there is a need to review the Work Plan to identify future improvements and ensure that it continues to serve as a key strategic framework for NDG and EED, which intends to reduce poverty and sustain inclusive growth in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam (CLMV). This need for the mid-term review has been acknowledged by the ASEAN Member States (AMS). The Phnom Penh Agenda 2012 specifically called for a comprehensive Mid-term Review of the IAI Work Plan II in 2012 in order to stock-take the implementation of the IAI Work Plan II and set out concrete and practical measures to expedite its objectives and chart its future direction, including enhancing the implementation of the priority projects and the CLMV Priority Action List.

The mid-term review, as prompted in the Phnom Penh Agenda, took stock of the progress in implementing the IAI Work Plan II, assess the its potential impact in working towards NDG and EED, and assess current implementation approach and modalities as well as stakeholder involvement and coordination arrangements. The detailed methodology included comparison and mapping of priority program areas between the IAI Work Plan II and ASEAN Community blueprints (including MPAC), national strategic plans of CLMV and other sub-regional initiatives involving the CLMV countries and an analysis of roles and interactions among various stakeholders in the implementation of the IAI Work Plan II. The mid-term review produced a set of recommendations on priority program areas and activities as well as management arrangements that will improve its design, implementation and future direction up to 2015.

Reports can be downloaded here:

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