Through the ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II, Australia is working with the ASEAN community to help the move towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). AADCP II Program Breakdown
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Our program delivers a set of projects that aim to:

  • Develop a better knowledge and evidence base for regional policy making for the AEC;
  • Support development of norms and standards in the new AEC;
  • Help socialise concepts, benefits and opportunities involved in the AEC; and
  • Assist ASEC improve its capacity and capability to serve the establishment of the AEC and its post-2015 agenda.

We work in a number of sectoral work streams. Please click on the work streams on the left to see a list of projects under each work stream.

Project List:

Development of ASEAN Common Guidelines on Hygiene and Safety for Workers and Communities in the Tourism Industry

Development of the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP) Work Plan 2017-2020

Process refinement and training of ASEAN Tourism Master Trainers and Master Assessors

Supporting the transition phase in establishing the Regional Secretariat for the Implementation of MRA on Tourism Professionals

Toolbox Development for Tourism Labour Divisions: Travel Agencies and Tour Operation

Development of ASEAN Tourism Professional Registration System (ATPRS)

Development of Implementation/Action Plans to Enhance Mobility of ASEAN Professionals on Accountancy Services

Development of Implementation/Action Plans to Enhance Mobility of ASEAN Professionals on Surveying Services

Training of ASEAN Master Trainers and Assessors for Front Office, Food & Beverage Service and Food Production Divisions

Gap Analysis on Implementation of MRA on Tourism Professionals

Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Regional Secretarial for Tourism Professionals

Training of ASEAN Master Trainers & Assessors for Housekeeping Division

Toolbox Development for Tourism Div.: Front Office, F&B Services, Food Production

Free Flow of Skilled Labour Study

Toolbox Development For Housekeeping Tourism Labour Division

Handbook on Core Competencies & Domestic Regulation for Architecture, Engineering, Accounting and Surveying Services

ASEAN Awareness Strategy for Services Liberalisation

Improving Schedulling Commitments of ASEAN Framework Agreement of Services (AFAS)

Service Diagnostic & Needs Assesments

Services Scoping Study

Enhancing Implementation of ASEAN Agreements

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