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Preparation of ASEAN Investment Report 2010-2011

Achievement of the ASEAN Economic Community goals related to developing a single market and production base, requires a freer and enhanced flow of investment. ASEAN Member States (AMS) need to take specific actions to enhance FDI, especially intra-ASEAN FDI. The development of policies and programs to enhance investment in AMS requires an understanding on the part of all stakeholders-ASEC, ASEAN and sectoral bodies, AMS government agencies, investors-of the current state of affairs regarding investment in ASEAN. The ASEAN Economics Ministers (AEM) and the ASEAN Investment Area Council (AIAC) have mandated the preparation of an annual ASEAN Investment Report that reports on the status of investment flows and trends, identifies key policy issues and assesses prospects and needs to enhance investment. This project will support the preparation of the ASEAN Investment Report 2010-2011 (AIR).

This project has been completed. Download report: ASEAN Investment Report 2012


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