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Project Management Training

This project is a follow-on activity from the AADCP II project proposal writing consultancy. That consultancy supported a two-day, hands-on proposal writing workshop for ASEC officers in November 2010 who were working with the PPMSU in the development of proposals for possible AADCP II support. Discussions with participants indicated a desire to receive additional training in other areas of project development and management.

The focus of this project is to provide training for a broader range of skills for ASEC officers. The training will build the capacities of those officers in developing and managing supported projects.

It consists of two components:

  1. Workshops that provide an overview and awareness training on project management principles. These would involve generic training designed to expose ASEC officers to sound principles of project management. They will be open to all ASEC officers as well as representatives of the ASEAN Sub-Committee on Development Cooperation (SCDC).
  2. Continuation of workshops and training in more advanced competencies. This project assists the PPMSU and AADCP II specialists in identifying those skills necessary for effective project development and management and in measuring capacity building needs. This information coupled with the training toolkit to be produced will facilitate the development of a broader capacity development program. Future training programs will be implemented in coordination with the recommendations of the Corporate Development Scoping Study.

This project has been completed in 2012.

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