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Development of Public Awareness Models for Consumer Protection: Models and Guidelines

Public awareness campaigns are an important tool for consumer protection agencies to advance their policy goals. Though many countries have sound legal frameworks for consumer protection, consumer regulators are unable to be ‘everywhere at once’ to enforce the rules. Consumers’ awareness of their legal rights and ways of gaining redress and the steps they can take to protect their own self-interest and safety are an important adjunct to promoting a flourishing consumer marketplace.

The aim of developing public awareness models for consumer protection in ASEAN is to offer a generic approach that can be adapted and applied by agencies in ASEAN Member States (AMS)to a range of environments and circumstances. The models need to be flexible to enable them to be adapted to various needs and contexts for implementation across all AMS, recognising the cultural and economic differences between countries in the region.

This report comprise of two document:

  1. Consumer Education Models. This document presents three different Models that target the different resource capacities and experiences of consumer protection agencies within ASEAN. The models AMS intentionally presented at a broad level to account for the different priority areas that each AMS may have for consumer education. The models are not intended to constrain adaptation and innovation. The broad level of the models also allows for them to remain applicable to AMS as conditions and priorities change. The Models are designed to be tailored to a range of contexts, and to be implemented by regulatory bodies, consumer agencies and NGOs.
  2. The Guidelines. This document complements the Models. It is designed to help individual AMS plan a consumer protection initiative. To be applicable across the different AMS contexts, the guidelines are inherently general and process based. They follow a set process to ensure that activities important to the execution of successful programs are undertaken.

Download the reports here:

  1. Consumer Education Models
  2. Consumer Education Guidelines for Model Selection

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