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Regional Report on Outsourcing Opportunities in ASEAN

Increased FDI flows can be achieved through a number of different approaches. One such approach is outsourcing: the contracting out by a firm of certain business functions, previously undertaken in-house, to an external provider. AADCP II supports efforts to increase outsourcing activities within ASEAN Member States. Through the Outsourcing Opportunities in ASEAN project, a comprehensive analytical study on manufacturing outsourcing opportunities in ASEAN had been undertaken, with the aim to enhance understanding of outsourcing in general and outsourcing opportunities in ASEAN production networks.

As a result, a Regional Report has been produced, highlighting the strategic and tactical positioning of ASEAN to be more competitive in outsourcing industries. The report includes strategic analysis and vision for ASEAN through understanding and measuring “outsourcing” as an economic activity and its impact on economies and the concept of “competitiveness”, an assessment of the current outsourcing situation in ASEAN particularly relative competitiveness in relation to the cross-border outsourcing of goods and services, and identification of factors that affect an outsourcing decision and influence the success of outsourcing activities. It contains practical policy recommendations at both regional and national levels. This will lay a platform and provide some guidance for the post-2015 economic policies of ASEAN Member States (AMS). In addition, Country Reports has been produced outlining the current outsourcing situation and Global Value Chain (GVC), and policy recommendations for 10 individual ASEAN Member States.

Please contact the ASEAN Secretariat Services and Investment divisions to access these publications.

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