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REQUEST FOR QUOTATION: AADCP II Office Interior Renovation

Description of work:

  1. Supply and installation of one glass wall partition, with one door (including
    accessories). The glass wall and the door will be partially sand-blasted (with sticker). This work will also include moving the location of one light fitting and a central air-conditioner (AC) outlet, away from the location of the new wall.
  2. Electrical and data material supply and installation. Currently, power in the office is
    supplied through multiple, interconnecting portable extension cords and power strips. These cords are not concealed and left on the floor. This condition is both a tripping hazard and a potential fire hazard. This work aims to eliminate or reduce usage of portable extension cords and power strips. All appliances and electronics should be plugged in directly to electrical outlets. New power outlets should be installed, as well as telephone and data network connections. All cables and cords should be safely secured and concealed on the wall or ceiling. When possible, power outlets should have surge protection. This work will also include installation of one Residual Current Device (RCD) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

AADCP II invites bidders to submit a quotation for the above work. The Quotation should be in
the following format:

  • Bidder information sheet (Annex-2) completed;
  • Prices should be quoted as per the items listed in Annex-3. Any additional item of work should be added to the table;
  • Prices should be quoted in Indonesian Rupiah.

Bidders should send the quotation via email to contact@aadcp2.org indicating “AADCP II Office Interior Renovation” as the subject no later than Friday, 20 September 2019.

Any queries on the TOR should be sent to the same email address stated above with the subject line: “AADCP II Office Interior Renovation”.

By submitting a quotation, the bidder agrees to the terms and conditions described in Annex-1 of this Terms of Reference.


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