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Road-mapping Capacity Building Needs in Consumer Protection in ASEAN

Status: Completed.

This project focuses on identifying areas in ASEAN Member States that need to be strengthened in terms of the planning, development and implementation of consumer protection programs and the preparation of a capacity building roadmap. Best practices of those ASEAN Member States with consumer protection laws in place and related initiatives were compiled and documented. In addition, the study identified and prioritised potential follow-on projects which include the development of training modules and consumer protection awareness programs. It combined desktop research with field visits to and consultations in ASEAN countries.

This project has delivered the following outputs: a policy brief and regional report on consumer protection in ASEAN, a sub-group report for ASEAN Member States that have not yet enacted consumer protection laws, and country-specific reports for each ASEAN Member States. The reports has been presented to the ACCP and used as basis for the design of subsequent regional activities identified below.

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