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Strengthening ASEAN Mechanisms for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation and the Role of Conservation, Sustainable Management of Forests And Enhancement of Forest Carbon Stocks in Developing Countries (REDD-plus)

Mitigation efforts under a new international agreement on climate change are expected to include the REDD-plus mechanism. REDD-plus intends to use economic incentives with developing countries to prevent forest land conversion, deforestation and forest degradation.

This will enhance the carbon absorption capacity needed to combat global warming. As developing countries stand to benefit from a climate change deal that accounts for emissions from forests and other land uses, it will be important to have the right framework in place. Although a final agreement on REDD-plus is scheduled to be concluded in the near future, the readiness of ASEAN Member States to enter into implementation is still far behind and requires improvements in both the policy and technical fronts. Technical assistance including capacity building in accordance with national circumstances and capabilities in significant common areas of concern is required.

This project assists ASEAN in the development of new policy approaches and incentives towards the objectives of: 1) reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation; 2) enhanced roles for conservation and the sustainable management of forests; and 3) enhancement of forest carbon stocks.








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