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Strengthening the ASEC Project Management Framework

Numerous ASEAN cooperation programs and projects have been undertaken or are underway to support the achievement of the goals and objectives in the three ASEAN Community Blueprints and the IAI Work Plan 2. ASEAN currently has over 20 multisectoral cooperation programs with its Dialogue Partners and Germany as well as over 380 projects that have been completed, are on-going or are pending. ASEC supports the implementation of these ASEAN cooperation programs and ensures that their outcomes contribute towards the achievement of ASEAN goals and objectives.

This project supports ASEC in strengthening the current project management framework and practices. It will begin the process of developing a results-based project management framework by: gathering support from ASEC’s Senior Management, ISO Working Team and ASEC sectoral divisions for good project management framework and practices, analyzing the existing framework and practices in ASEC, assessing institutional roles and responsibilities, and identifying needs for a strengthened framework. This needs assessment resulted in a recommended design for an improved framework.

Possible follow-on activities to this project include: establishment of an electronic integrated project management system based on the design developed as a result of this project, preparation of detailed guidelines on project management business processes, and development and implementation of a training program for ASEC officials. This project, the needs assessment phase, had been completed in April 2012.

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