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Supporting Research & Dialogue on Consumer Protection

Status: completed.

As mandated by the ASEAN Economic Ministers, Senior Economic Officials and the Committee of the Whole, there is a need to develop closer coordination among various sectoral bodies of ASEAN. The ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP) is of the view that interaction with other ASEAN sectoral committees is essential to the work of ACCP from 2012-2014, in particular as regards cross-cutting issues affecting the consumers. The ACCP discusses and identifies such possible crosscutting issues, as well as significant trends and emerging issues, and provide the findings and recommendations to other ASEAN sectoral committees for their consideration. At the same time, there is a need to increase coordination between governments and other stakeholders including non-governmental organisations, trade and commerce associations, and the business sector at large, to inform the other ASEAN sectoral committees in setting their agenda in relation to consumer protection.

This project aims to provide ACCP with the medium and substance to bring specific consumer protection trends and issues to the attention of other ASEAN sectoral committees and other stakeholders. Topics will be identified and timely studies will be carried out and published quarterly as policy briefs. The project will also support an annual dialogue between stakeholders held in conjunction with the ACCP annual meeting to develop consumer protection knowledge-base in the region and strengthen collaboration among stakeholders. Ultimately, the project would contribute to the design of more coherent ASEAN initiatives to be introduced by various ASEAN sectoral bodies, and help protect consumer rights across sectors and industries through increased participation and awareness of various stakeholders.

This project supported the first ASEAN Consumer Protection Annual Conference held in Ha Noi Vietnam on 9 December 2014. Presentations can be downloaded below:

Outputs of these projects include the Consumer Protection Digests and Case Studies – a Policy Guide : Volume 1 and Volume 2

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