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Technical Assistance to the Energy and Minerals Division to Support the ASEAN Energy Regulators Network’s Role in Multilateral Power Trade

Status: Ongoing.

As efforts towards multilateral power trading in ASEAN gains momentum, ensuring that the key supporting institutions necessary to design and implement the market design have the same understanding of issues and have sufficient capacity is essential. Based on the results of the “Feasibility Study for ASEAN Multilateral Power Trade (MPT)” project, this includes regional institutions which will foster increased cooperation and coordination to implement multilateral power trading. They can also potentially support better knowledge management through sharing good practices and capacity building.

This project enhance the capacity of the ASEAN Secretariat, specifically the Energy and Minerals Division, to support ASEAN Members States on initiating multilateral electricity trading in the APG, including drafting a recommended institutional design for the ASEAN Energy Regulators Network (AERN) or an alternative regulatory mechanism.

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