Technical Reports

ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Strategy

The ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Strategy (ASUS) is one of the initiatives under the strategic area of Sustainable Infrastructure of the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025. It provides ASEAN cities with a framework of sustainable urbanisation based on six areas, namely civic and social, health and well-being, security, quality environment, built infrastructures, industry and innovation. It consists of this report as well as two accompanying toolkits that will assist local governments in ASEAN to advance sustainable urbanisation in their cities.

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ASEAN Investment Report 2018: Foreign Direct Investment and the Digital Economy in ASEAN

The ASEAN Investment Report 2018 looks at the how digital economy, including e-commerce, fintech, venture capital and other digital activities influence the investment landscape in ASEAN. It also discusses policy options and digital economy strategy for the region, to help it transform itself into a competitive global digital hub. The report also includes a special section highlighting Australia investment development in ASEAN. It provides historical analysis of Australian foreign direct investment (FDI) and discusses presence of Australian Multinational Enterprises (MNE) in ASEAN.

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Outsourcing Opportunities in ASEAN: Policy Paper

This Policy Paper highlights key recommended policy orientations to boost ASEAN’s competitiveness competitiveness with regard to outsourcing of goods and services and the rise of global value chains (GVCs). Firstly, it defines the context and introduces some key definitions relevant to outsourcing. Secondly, it presents a brief overview of services outsourcing trends in recent decades. Thirdly, it considers ASEAN competitiveness by analysing the new trade in value-added (TiVA) database, the constructed GVC Readiness Index, and modern global value chains. All together, this informs the final section of the Policy Paper, which analyses GVC related factors affecting ASEAN positioning and presents ASEAN-wide policy orientations post 2015. Outsourcing Opportunities in ASEAN: Policy... read more

Best Practices for Investment Promotion and Facilitation in ASEAN: General Paper

In order for ASEAN to enhance its attractiveness as an investment destination as envisioned in the AEC Blueprint 2025, ASEAN needs to boost its effort in investment promotion and facilitation. This paper aims to provide ASEAN Member States with a deeper understanding of regional and global ‘best practices’ in investment promotion and facilitation.  This deeper understanding may be used to guide current or future initiatives, whether at the regional, national or sub-national level, in order to facilitate freer flow of capital and investment. Specifically, this paper identifies best practices and lessons learned in the four core functions of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs): promotion, attraction, facilitation and aftercare. It proposes and examine opportunities for development of practical initiatives in two areas that are potential areas for practical initiatives by AMS: 1) Formal & Informal Ambassadorial and cultural networks; and 2) private sector partnerships. Separate reports on each of these areas are available through the Services and Investment Division of the ASEAN Secretariat. Download: Best Practices for Investment Promotion and Facilitation in ASEAN: General Paper  ... read more