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TENDER ANNOUNCEMENT – Improving Research and Advocacy Skills of Business Associations in CLMV Countries

Needs and Objectives

 The project aims to assist business associations in CLMV to better represent the interests of the local business community during policy making by:

  • Identifying gaps for business associations in CLMV countries in developing, managing and delivering advocacy programmes/activities;
  • Identifying capacity building requirements for CLMV business associations to better conduct business advocacy activities;
  • Providing training and mentoring to participating business associations to develop these skills; and
  • Providing mentoring support for each participating business association to identify and
    undertake a specific business advocacy activity or programme



 The expected outputs for the project are:

  1. An assessment report of each CLMV country in the following areas, at a minimum:
    • Situation analysis in the CLMV countries to better understand how CLMV governments interact with the private sector, particularly MSMEs and the associations that represent MSMEs, and what issues they generally face in influencing policy making. This should include identification of gaps on mechanisms for the government to effectively engage with the private sector.
    • Identification of gaps for business associations in CLMV countries in developing, managing and delivering advocacy programmes/activities as well as in analysing and integrating gender, environmental and social issues (GESI) in the design and implementation of advocacy programmes/activities. These should, at the minimum, include enabling environment (e.g. political will), to enhance the capacity of the business association (e.g. technical capacity to research and gather information, devise an advocacy strategy, utilise and manage data, communicate or present data, organize advocacy events, and monitor and evaluate advocacy), and to improve credibility of the business associations.
    • Recommendations to address identified gaps, including design of regional training programmes for participating business associations in CLMV countries to address the gaps in enhancing their business advocacy capabilities, particularly in strengthening MSMEs; and to engage with relevant government officials to ensure that training programme is impactful.
    • Recommendation of at least two business associations in each CLMV country to participate in the project. This should include assessment methodology, procedure for the inclusion of participating association, and selection criteria (which should at least cover the following elements: (i) sufficient permanent staff in the association to benefit from the training and undertake the ongoing activities; (ii) at least some staff and/or office bearers in the association with sufficient basic English proficiency to participate in regional training; (iii) sufficient capacity of staff and/or office bearers of the association to fully participate in the project, including undertaking the advocacy activity or programme; and (iv) demonstration of high commitment, with prior identification of potential advocacy issue/topic that benefit MSMEs, to pursue advocacy activity/programme within six months after the conclusion of the regional training. Associations that have not directly benefited from other similar projects and associations that focus on strong representation of women and youth in MSMEs will receive preference for support from this project.
  2. Design and development of training material based on the gaps in business advocacy capabilities as identified in Output 1. The training materials will be in the form of presentation materials (e.g. slides, videos, games, multimedia, etc.), handouts/workbook for participants as well as reference documents and facilitation/delivery guidebook documents for trainers, for potential delivery by trained business associations and/or other stakeholders in the future. The material should be designed for adult learning and be ready for publication (edited, designed and laid out).
  3. Delivery of training programmes in intensive format at regional level for staff and office bearers of each participating business association in CLMV countries.
  4. Up to 40 days of provision of remote (via telephone and/or email communications) or on-site technical assistance to each participating business association in developing, managing and delivering one advocacy activity/programme in their respective country. Conduct of in-country visits to provide on-site assistance will be determined at later stage.
  5. Regional workshop for the participating business associations to share lesson learnt from the development, management and delivery of the advocacy activity/programme conducted after the regional training and to obtain feedback on how to strengthen their respective activity/programme. The training material will be updated based on the feedback of the workshop.
  6. A final report providing the final training material (in a separate editable soft copy for easy distribution), evidence of the improved skills and knowledge that the participating business associations have obtained during the regional training and remote technical assistance, as well as the recommendations on how to improve the mechanisms for government to effectively engage with the private sector and enhance the capacity of business associations in developing, managing and delivering advocacy programmes/activities.

Scope of Services

The consultancy will be undertaken over a continuous effective period of 15 calendar months with approximately 130 working days or 26 working weeks of professional services. Work will commence immediately after contract signing.


Interested consulting firms are invited to submit a proposal in response to these Terms of Reference. This proposal should be in two separate parts: Technical and Financial components.

The Technical component should present the following information:

  • A brief discussion indicating the bidder’s understanding of the needs of the project;
  • A brief analysis of key issues;
  • A methodological discussion of how the bidder proposes to address those needs including assessment of key issues, analytical strategies that will underlie the project, specific techniques to be utilised, and practical discussion of possible limitations in carrying out the project;
  • A detailed work plan that specifies activities to be undertaken, expected outputs and deliverables, resources to be utilised and timing;
  • Staffing and management plan;
  • A discussion on how measures to ensure the future sustainability of the outcomes of the project will be addressed;
  • CVs of all proposed experts;
  • Brief discussion of firm’s past experience in undertaking similar work and brief summaries of all projects undertaken.

The Financial component should specify:

1) Professional fees of expert(s);

2) Management and/or operational fees (if any), which include all costs incurred by the person/entity/company for internal coordination, communication, travels and any other associated project management cost;

3) Applicable taxes such as VAT, GST, PPN. See Section IX point 3 for an additional note on tax liability.

Activity costs for experts and participants such as reimbursable expenses for airfare, other travel costs and daily subsistence allowance for workshops, meetings, and all other agreed activities do not need to be included in the Financial Component. These items will be discussed with the preferred contractor during the finalisation of the scope of services. Costs will be based on prevailing ASEAN Secretariat rates.

Submission of Application

Applicants should send their application with a cover letter, materials specified in Section IX above and other supporting documents with “Improving Research and Advocacy Skills of Business Associations in CLMV Countries” as the subject via email to tender@aadcp2.org, no later than 4 August 2020 at 05:00pm Jakarta time.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please visit http://aadcp2.org/aadcp-ii-tender-frequently-asked-questions/

Any queries on the TOR should be sent to contact@aadcp2.org with the subject line: “Query Improving Research and Advocacy Skills of Business Associations in CLMV Countries


TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR Improving Research and Advocacy Skills of Business Associations in CLMV Countries

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