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TENDER ANNOUNCEMENT: Study on the Impact of Australian Support for Infrastructure Policies and Practices in Selected ASEAN Member States

Scope of work

This study will take stock of the changes that have taken place in the policy, practice and capabilities of relevant ministries in sample countries, maximum three AMS as a result of the two AADCP II-supported projects mentioned above. The selection of sample countries will be undertaken once the consultants have been engaged.

On the “Establishing Initial Rolling Priority Pipeline of Potential ASEAN Infrastructure Projects project”, the study does not aim to track implementation progress of the pipeline projects, rather it will look at institutional changes that have taken place, as a result of both projects. These institutional changes can take form in a change of practice, capabilities (institutional and individual), policies and regulations, guidelines and network/ relationships.

The study will also look at initiatives by other actors in relevant areas, and key factors including challenges and surrounding context, as appropriate. The indicative questions identified for the study are set out below.

The study will answer the following questions:

  • How relevant and timely were the two projects in helping the three selected countries in identifying and addressing challenges in implementing their priority infrastructure projects and promote infrastructure productivity?
  • To what extent have the projects enhanced capacity and strengthened partnerships within relevant stakeholders in the three selected countries? In what way?
  • What are the impacts of these projects’ work on the three countries’ efforts to promote implementation of priority infrastructure projects and increase infrastructure productivity?
  • What particular aspects of the projects’ objective, approach, methods and implementation arrangements made the projects more (or less) impactful? How?
  • What are the opportunities to enhance Australia’s future partnership in infrastructure sustainability with ASEAN?
  • How could future support for the sector ensure promotion of gender equity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability?

Process and Timeframes

The study will consist of desk review of relevant documents and consultations with key project stakeholders directly involved in project implementation. AADCP II will make all relevant documents available for review before the actual work begins. The selection of resource persons will be finalised through discussion with AADCP II and ASEAN Connectivity Division.

The study is planned to start in the second week of November and end on 31 December 2021. The team will report and work in close collaboration with the AADCP II Monitoring and Evaluation Officer during the implementation of the study.


Interested entities are invited to submit a proposal in response to this TOR. The proposal should be in two parts: Technical and Financial components, to be submitted as two separate documents.

The Technical component should present the following information:

  • A brief discussion indicating the bidder’s understanding of the needs of the study;
  • A methodological discussion of how the bidder proposes to undertake the study, specific techniques to be utilised, and practical discussion of possible limitations in carrying out the study;
  • A detailed work plan that specifies activities to be undertaken, expected outputs and deliverables, resources to be utilised and timing;
  • CVs of all proposed experts;
  • Brief discussion of firm’s past experience in undertaking similar work and brief summaries of all projects undertaken; and,
  • Samples in soft copy attached to the application (or website link to samples) of relevant past work/ reports.

The Financial component should specify:

  • Professional fees of expert(s), with details on the number of work days for each expert;
  • Management and/or operational fees (if any), which include all costs incurred by the person/entity/company for internal coordination, communication and any other associated project management cost; and
  • Applicable taxes such as VAT, GST, PPN.

Activity costs for experts such as reimbursable expenses for travel costs and daily subsistence allowance for meetings (if any), and all other agreed activities do not need to be included in the Financial Component. These items will be discussed with the preferred consultants during the finalisation of the scope of services. Costs will be based on prevailing ASEC rates.

Submission of Application

Applicants should send their application with a cover letter, materials specified in the Bidding section above and other supporting documents with “Study on the Impact of Australian Support for Infrastructure Policies and Practices in Selected ASEAN Member States” as the subject via email to tender@aadcp2.org, no later than 21 October 2021 at 5:00 pm, Jakarta time.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please visit http://aadcp2.org/aadcp-ii-tender-frequentlyasked-questions/

Any queries on the TOR should be sent to contact@aadcp2.org with the subject line: “Query: Study on the Impact of Australian Support for Infrastructure Policies and Practices in Selected ASEAN Member States.”


Term of Reference For Study on the Impact of Australian Support for Infrastructure Policies and Practices in Selected ASEAN Member States

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