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Toolbox Development For Housekeeping Tourism Labour Division

Early efforts to support Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) in the tourism sector were supported by AADCP I with the development of: 1) the ASEAN Common Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals (ACCSTP), 2) the Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum (CATC), and 3) Regional Qualifications Framework and Skills Recognition System (RQFSRS). The 13th ASEAN Tourism Ministers (ATM) Meeting in January 2010 endorsed “MRA Follow-Up Implementation Requirements” which included capacity development for members. As a first activity, AMS agreed to develop training toolboxes to build competencies in the tourism sector. The earlier work identified specific competencies for each of the six labour divisions within the tourism sector: housekeeping, food production, food and beverages services, front office, tour operation and travel agencies. It also identified a set of common competencies applicable to all of the divisions.

The housekeeping division has been identified as a priority due to significant employment opportunities in the region. This project will develop training toolboxes for common competencies for all of the identified labour divisions and additional toolboxes for the specific house keeping division’s competencies. It will: 1) create a template for training toolboxes for all six labour divisions; 2) develop toolboxes for the common competencies; and 3) develop toolboxes for the housekeeping division’s specific competencies. Toolboxes will be reviewed by ASEAN Member States and endorsed by tourism officials.

To support the implementation of the toolboxes to be produced during this project, a follow-on project will likely be proposed following the successful completion of this project. The second project will: 1) develop a pool of ASEAN master assessors and trainers; 2) provide Training of Trainers (ToT); and 3) support limited piloting testing of the toolboxes. Following this work, a number of follow-on activities are possible: 1) development of toolboxes for the specific competencies of the other five labour divisions: 2) promotion of the toolboxes and support for training programs; and 3) support for institutional development in the tourism sector.

This project has been completed. The toolboxes can be obtained through the ASEAN Secretariat Tourism and Transport Division, or downloaded through the ASEAN website.




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