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Gap Analysis on Implementation of MRA on Tourism Professionals

To successfully implement the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals across the ASEAN Member States, it is vital that all AMS lay the foundations for such success. Across the ten AMS there is huge variance in the level of existing hard and soft infrastructure on which successful MRA implementation can be built.

This Gap Analysis Draft Final Report produces an ASEAN Qualifications Equivalence Matrix laying out existing tourism professionals’ qualifications in all AMS and comparing them to ASEAN Common Competency Standards on Tourism Professionals, Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum, and Regional Qualification Framework and Skills Recognition System.

It also identifies and analyses ten significant gaps which impact the majority of AMS, provides suggestions to address and narrow those gaps, and sets out a priority order and timelines for initiatives to do so.

To access the report, please contact the ASEAN Secretariat Infrastructure Division.

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Gap Analysis on Implementation of MRA on Tourism Professionals

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