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Training of ASEAN Master Trainers and Assessors for Front Office, Food & Beverage Service and Food Production Divisions

Status: Completed.

This project is a follow-up to the Toolbox Development for Front Office, F&B Service, and Food Production Divisions project which was completed in February 2014. The project is designed to provide training to master trainers and master assessors from each ASEAN Member State on the use of the specially designed training resources known as ‘toolboxes’, focus on the development of skills and knowledge in the areas of front office, food and beverages services and food production. The trainers will then provide training in their respective countries, while the master assessors will take part in the national certification process and provide training as necessary.

Through this project, a series of national level pilot training programs for Trainers and Assessors for Front Of­fice, Food and Beverage Services and Food Production Divisions, was conducted from 4 June to 27 July 2015 in three ASEAN Member States; Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar. This project concluded in 2016.











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