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Work Planning Assistance for the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) 2021-2025

Status: Ongoing.

The IAI Work Plan III (2016-2020) is expiring on 31 December 2020. There is a need to prepare a new IAI Work Plan, which will chart the strategic objectives, specific targets and indicators for the remaining period of the ASEAN 2025 – Forging Ahead Together.

This project consists of two main components: (1) development of the new IAI Work Plan, which will be an attendant document of the ASEAN 2025 – Forging Ahead Together; and (2) development of the IAI Implementation Plan and project proposals to address identified prioritised actions in the new work plan.

As a result of this project, the IAI Work Plan IV (2021-2025) has been adopted by the ASEAN Leaders at the 37th ASEAN Summit on 12 November 2020. The Implementation Plan has also been finalised. The project is now conducting in-depth assessments to complement preparation of selected project proposals from the IAI Work Plan IV.  The five in-depth assessments, which are still ingoing, include:

  • Assessment of smallholder farmers’ productivity and access to markets in CLMV
  • Assessment on Agricultural Techniques and Technologies to Mitigate the Potential Negative Effects of Climate Change in CLMV Countries
  • Assessment on the Adoption of Digital Technology by MSMEs in CLMV Countries and Integration of CLMV MSMEs into Global Value Chain
  • Assessment on Nutrition Surveillance and Mechanisms to Reduce Malnutrition in CLMV Countries
  • Assessment on Strengthening Public Health Security to Prevent Infectious Disease through the Adoption of Digital Technology in CLMV Countries

Please contact ASEAN Secretariats IAI & NDG Division for more info on these assessments, as well as the 10 project proposals currently being developed through AADCP II support.

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