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Work Planning Assistance for the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) –EXTENDED

I. Background

The Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) provides a policy framework to support the participation of ASEAN’s newer member states (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam or CLMV) in the ASEAN integration process. The IAI Work Plan II (2009-2015) currently being implemented reflects key programme areas under the three ASEAN Community Blueprints.

The IAI Work Plan II is now in its last year of implementation. As such, there is a need to start formulating a new IAI Work Plan with the target of submitting the Work Plan to the ASEAN Leaders for adoption in early 2016. The Post-2015 IAI Work Plan will take into consideration the strengths and weaknesses in the drafting process and implementation of the current and past Work Plans, as well as the relevant recommendations of the mid-term review of the IAI Work Plan II.

The direct stakeholders of the project are Senior Government Officials of CLMV, the IAI Task Force and the Initiative for ASEAN Integration & Narrowing the Development Gap (IAI&NDG) Division of the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC). The new Work Plan will be designed to better serve the strategic needs of CLMV countries and provide a roadmap for the regional bodies between now and ASEAN Communities establishment in 2015, and beyond. Senior Government Officials of CLMV would play a key role in drafting the new Work Plan, so that it reflects their respective national strategic plans and priorities.

The process of developing the Post-2015 IAI Work Plan will be participatory and consultative in order to ensure CLMV engagement at a strategic level, promote ownership down to the relevant ministries at the national level, and garner support from relevant stakeholders. Various stakeholders will be consulted at appropriate times throughout the drafting process, including ASEC Desk Officers, national focal points, ASEAN-6 and ASEAN Dialogue Partners. The process is also designed to ensure that the work planning is aligned with ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and its integral documents, and targeted for specific objectives and measurable results.

II. Needs and Objectives

The Post-2015 IAI Work Plan is essential to enable stronger participation of CLMV countries in ASEAN integration process. With the availability of the new Work Plan, it is envisioned that the IAI Task Force, in close coordination with Senior Government Officials of CLMV, will be able to provide strategic guidance on promoting IAI goals, and coordinate and monitor the implementation of key actions specified in the new IAI work plan.

III. Outputs

A draft Post-2015 IAI Work Plan, that at least contains these following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Context and Approach. Context describes ASEAN’s current and past IAI initiatives (including past and current workplans and results of monitoring and evaluation activities), what has been achieved, challenges faced, lessons learned and best practices. Approach describes the proposed approach for implementing the Post-2015 work plan, based on lessons learned and best practices.
  • Strategic Goals and Priority Areas, describing:
    • the mission and vision for the post-2015 IAI  work spanning ten-years from 2016-2025; and
    • strategic goals, initiatives and measurable targets for the period 2016-2025.
  • 5-year detailed Implementation Schedule based on the Strategic Goals and Priority Areas. This is a detailed implementation schedule with short, medium and long-term time frames and action lines and measurable deliverables covering 2016-2020 based on the goals, initiatives and targets as outlined.
  • A high-level Monitoring and Evaluation framework that measures progress in implementing the work plan, and the impact that it makes on ASEAN’s initiative for ASEAN integration, particularly in the Equitable Economic Development agenda.
  • Review and Modification. The Work Plan should be flexible to accommodate results from regular M&E and address emerging issues and priorities. This section describes the mechanics for the review and modification of the Work Plan. Specifically, this section should detail what, why, when and how modification and review of the Work Plan are to take place, and who will be responsible for managing the process. This process is integral to the next set of Implementation Schedule for 2021-2025


IV.     Tasks/Activities

The following activities will need to be undertaken to achieve the outputs presented above. The bidder should provide details on its approach to each activity (including timeframe) in its bid and is free to recommend additional activities.

Deliverables Activity Person working weeks





1 Inception Report
  • Conduct initial literature review and research activities
  • Develop  overall approach, detailed conceptual framework, work plan, management plan and budget
  • Prepare and produce Inception Report.
1 person week Week 3 Consultant with inputs from ASEC and AADCP II
Approval of Inception Report by ASEC (2 weeks)
2 Initial Draftcontaining: Context and Approach; Strategic Goals and Priority Areas
  • Context analysis (including desk review and consultations with ASEAN Stakeholders) to capture data required to chart the work planning approach and  identify  tentative  priority  areas  and  regional  objectives  for  each identified priority area. This process may be supplemented with a survey questionnaire.
  • Develop draft report
  • Conduct Regional Workshop 1 to consolidate remaining priorities of the IAI WP II, and agree on the multi-year strategic goals and priority areas for the new Work Plan. The workshop will be attended by relevant ASEAN Secretariat desk officers, CLMV officials from missions to ASEAN and capital as well as ASEAN-6 officials of the IAI Task Force Working Group.
  • Refine draft report based on inputs received in the Regional Workshop
5 person weeks Week 18 Consultant with inputs from AMS and ASEC
Approval of Initial Draft by ASEC and the IAI Task Force Working Group (2 weeks)
3 Draft Post-2015 Work Plan containing: Context and Approach;
  • Conduct national consultations with relevant ministries to collect proposed key actions;
  • Conduct Regional Workshop 2 to get participants to agree on key actions, with clear implementation timeline for each priority area.
  • Organise a 1.5-day regional forum held back to back with the Workshop 2, to be attended by a wide range of stakeholders including ASEAN dialogue partners and external parties to get feedback and further refine the work plan.
5 person weeks Week 33 Consultant with inputs AMS and ASEC
Strategic Goals and Priority Areas; Implementation Schedule
  • Development of a draft work plan by the consultant based of the result of the workshops and forums.
Approval of Draft Post-2015 Work Plan by ASEC and the IAI Task Force Working Group (4 weeks)
4 Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework
  • Develop a draft Monitoring and Evaluation Framework based on the final Post-2015 IAI Work Plan (i.e. identification of indicators and method of verification for each objective and key action)
  • Conduct a regional workshop to consult the draft M&E framework
  • Finalise the M&E framework
3 person weeks Week 46 Consultant with inputs from AMS and ASEC
Approval of Draft Monitoring and Evaluation Framework by ASEC and the IAI Task Force Working Group (4 weeks)
5 Project Completion Report
  • Prepare and circulate the project completion report
  • Revise report as needed
1 week Week 51
Approval of Project Completion Report by ASEC (2 weeks)


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